Tuesday, July 6, 2010

7 months, Stop this girl NOW!

Take this little girl OUT of here! She is WAY too big for her britches! She's now 7 months! She's closer to being a toddler then to being a newborn! NO! Make it stop! She is growing and changing so much each day i can hardly stand it. Here's a list of what Kinsley is up to...

Well she's over 16lbs now... by how much i'm not sure...
She LOVES to stand and can do so for a few second unsupported. If her hands are being held (not even above her) or she's holding on to something the time is almost limitless.
She is SO close to crawling, we're at the up on our knees rocking stage
She reconizes her name, and people
She's at that "I need to see Mommy" stage
She can hold her breath to go under water
She eats up to stage 2 baby food, though is NOT a fan of meats
She will eat some finger foods, loves all the puffs, MumMum, etc.
She smiles at almost everything
Her hair is turning blonde (weird i know)
She has hazel/brown eyes
And she has 2 teeth!

What a big girl!
She's such a wiggle worm, though i am teaching her to hug!

Thinks standing is so much fun!

Happy 7 months baby girl! Momma loves you!

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