Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oh my Lord, we have a crawler!

There she goes! This isn't the BEST of what K can do (she's not quite ready to "perform" for the camera) but you get the general idea.

So it goes down like this: I'm picking her up from daycare and they inform me she has crawled like two little oofs for them. I immediately whisk her home (where she's spazing out in the back seat and singing) and plop her on the floor and insist she crawls. After she finishes looking at me like i'm a crazy person and after i wise up and tempt her with the unobtainable until now (the remote control) she does it! I mean like REALLY does it! She has three crawls (because my girl is cool like that). She has the "normal" crawl (boring), the army crawl (b/c she's tough like that) and what i like to call the inch worm. The inch worm is where her knees and butt come to kiss her arms and then her arms move forward and so on. So freakin awesome.

Okay QUICK, need to finish child proofing EVERYTHING! Is it illegal to bubble wrap a dog?

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