Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sonoma Who? Sonoma Me.

Well i've decided that my diet of choice is going to be the Sonoma diet. I've done this diet before and it's good... but this time i'm REALLY motivated! The first wave is 10 days. I've made it two and a half days so far (yea me!)... so here's to doing what we gotta do.

See i'm not THAT bad off. I've lost all the baby weight... but there's this problem... the weight PRE-baby AND the fact that no matter how much you pick up and put down your child (whoever said that "taking care of my child is a workout" either has a 40lb infant that requires them to run up and down stairs while holding OR they are full of shit, I like to believe the latter) you will NOT loose the weight.

OKay so THOSE people probably aren't watching their kid squirm around while they polish off the last 10 cookies in the container. Whose, judging though, i'm not, even if i polished off the first 20 cookies for breakfast and lunch. NO JUDGING!

See i REALLY believe i make more and better milk when i eat a high fat (enter lots of french fries and cake) diet. And you know you burn like CRAZY calories (okay so MAYBE a tiny slice of cake worth) when you breastfeed, so it all cancels itself out right?

Yeah well the other day when i was trying to pry on a pair of spanx like it was going to save my life to wear them. Just because it took me a good five minutes of tugging, pulling, jumping, and considering using Crisco, doesn't mean ANYTHING... and then AFTER all of that, realizing that i was too big for the spanx and it was hard to breath, and it didn't help to begin with, so i took them off IN the car on the way to the event, praying that a trucker didn't pass by at that moment... that ALL means NOTHING.

Well that made me realize that maybe, just maybe this breastfeeding thing has met its match and the match is my mouth. Now i'm not giving up breastfeeding because we all know we don't JUST do it for the weight loss (enter eye rolls)... but i am going to start taking into account my food intake and my serious addiction to eating anything in the cabinets within reach (reach being a relative term). So i'm following the lean meat, whole grains, lots of veggies diet. For the first 10 days i can't have sugar, alcohol, any white/processed/enriched flour, fruit, etc. This is to help my addiction to making my ass bigger. And i think it MIGHT be working! I already look a little leaner!

Anywho.... here's to no longer using a crowbar for my spanx!

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