Sunday, July 18, 2010

Who's REALLY watching our children?

So Babycakes goes to a daycare, i'm a working Mom, sucks (in my opinion, but may be great for others). Well i LOVE LOVE LOVE her daycare so I'm okay at work all day. YES i miss her like crazy but I'm very comfortable with her there.

Well earlier this week one of my FAVORITE women there tells me she's leaving because she and the management aren't seeing eye to eye and she was thinking of retiring anyway. I was upset. This is the first woman (besides myself) that K sees every day. This is the woman that has K do art projects and circle time, etc. Babycakes actually LEARNS I feel with this woman... in my head Kinsley is going to school not just daycare (makes it feel better in my heart since school is mandatory once she's older). And now she's leaving?!?!?!

Well i held it together long enough to find out that my two other favorite teachers are staying, AWESOME! At least it was until yesterday.

So there's a new child there in her class that's about 18months and cries almost the whole time. She's finally gotten use to one teacher (the morning teacher) but obviously THAT teacher can't work from 630-6 every day! SO in the evenings the little girl is normally crying again. The law for daycare infant rooms is no more then 3 children per teacher. So (even taking mine out of the equation since i was there) there were 4 kids. So a "floater" comes in. This "floater" is some high school girl that most likely thought she would have a cush summer job just watching kids play. Little does she know that NO you need to play WITH them, that's why i shell out a small fortune every month!

First she tries to pick up the crying baby. NO HELP. So she just walks away, sits down and stares at the other kids. Doesn't get down to play with them or interact, just watches. I mean if they go to her then she'll interact, but i mean HELLO it's the infant room!

What do i do? I get down on the floor, in my work clothes, while holding my child and begin to sooth the crying baby. That's ALL it took and that little girl climbed into my arms and laid her head on my shoulder (and my heart promptly broke). Luckily Kinsley was Happy so i gave her to the OTHER teacher (that i like) and rocked this poor little lonely baby.

IF that was my child that she just left there to cry at the gate until I came to get her i would have yanked my child out of that daycare so fast it would have made heads spin!

So what do you do? Let it go? Talk to management? All the other teachers are great but I don't do well with lazy high schoolers ignoring the children they are supposed to be comforting.

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