Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Crying it out works! Most of the time

So we decided that we were going to cry ti out finally with K. I mean, she's 7 months... she does NOT need to eat in the middle of the night and i'm getting tired of being her passifier and if we're going to keep this breast feeding thing up, then it has to end!

So we braced ourselves with a long weekend and grandparent support! Hello Thursday, July 1st this WILL be the first day of the rest of our lives (dramatic? no). I lay her down, she goes RIGHT to sleep (uh huh like always) and then WHAM 11:30pm rolls around. We cry, we fuss, we talk and all the while chris and I stare at the ceiling and wonder when it will be over... 12:30. That's when it was over. Not too bad.

Hello Friday! She goes down like a little pro and then WHAM Midnight or 2am, i'm not sure makes an appearance and she cries, and fusses, and 40 minutes later and she's back to sleep! Getting the hang of this now!

Saturday night was pointless since i wasn't there for her to smell my milky boobs wafting down the hall but my parents (see they put Northern Cowboy and I up at a hotel, Bow Cha Wow No...)said that she did her fuss/talk for 10 minutes and off to dream land she went (now people she will still get up at like 530AM for a bottle (or boob when i'm home) because that's when she's used to eating thanks to my amazing work schedule!

Rolling around to SUNDAY! Goodnight sweetheart I'll see you at 5AM!

Monday night??? oh we greeted each other at 530!!! Sweet holy mother of Jesus Mary!

And then our little friend Teething steps back in (NOOOOO WHY!!!!!). Last night she woke up crying like her eyeball was about to pop out of her socket. I mean it wasn't just a "Dang Mom, could you quit thinking of yourself and all that SLEEP you THINK you need"... oh no no. It was a "WHAT THE HELL WOMAN, THERE' A DAMN RAZOR CUTTING THROUGH MY SOFT BABY GUMS AND I WANT IT OUT LIKE YOU WANTED ME OUT OF YOUR VAGINA!". So no amount of Motrin, teething tablets, or wubanubs was going to do it... it was a job for the boobs, the milk makers, she needed to cruise on up to this jersey shore.

And just like that I'm terrified that my sleep filled nights are over. I'll let you know...

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