Thursday, July 8, 2010

Preppy or just cute?

So when i was in college I was a member of a Agriculture Women's Fraternity. It was NOT your typical DZ, ADPi, ZTA, etc. At our school those sororities were well kinda of stuck up. They had a "uniform" of what you were to wear and a few of them wanted to see your bank account statements to make sure you could afford them.

Now while my daily dress was pretty close to their uniform, i didn't have interest being friends with people that needed a deposit on my life.

So went to where the fun and genuine people hung out! I'm not saying EVERYONE was all rainbows and fairy dust but at least if they didn't like you then you knew it!

Well, at the time i was quite the preppy member of this group so i adopted (was forced upon me) a name. I was introduced to people as "This is Erin, The Sorostitute of *said fraternity*". Honestly it didn't really bother me because in my head it just meant i had nice style and well... I'm trying to give my daughter that style.

I dressed her the other day and realized she is ready for sorority row....

Notice the embroidered capris (very J-Crew) and the Polo shirt (I didn't pop the color that day) and her pearl earrings and then topped it off with a hair accessory. Oh my little Sorostitute! Lets hope the only part of that statement is referring to her style and not the many boyfriends she has!

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