Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Little Stinker... literally!

See this crazy little girl below... just FULL of LOADS of energy?? (she's waving around her Sofie in excitement)
Yes well this little girl had around 4, count them 4 blow out diapers at daycare yesterday! Yeah, she had so many the teachers went out and bought her new clothes (which they wouldn't let me reimburse them for, reason 103843 on why i love my daycare) because she pooped out of her extra clothes! SERIOUSLY!

So i brought my little stinker home and fed her and she zonked out right in the middle of her feeding. So i put her to bed. Enter the dogs around 730, yep they woke her up (hence reason number 2933 why i want to get rid of them still). Then K woke up again at 9... again at 130... again at 2... again at 445... Are you catching my point here??

I'm FREAKING TIRED today. And she is bouncing off the walls happy....
But i don't know how you could get mad at that face! squeee!

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