Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I would like to take a moment of your time to... COMPLAIN!

Uh this is a CRAZY week and a lot has already happened and i'm trying to make lemons into lemonade but i need to vent, and i need you to listen, and i do NOT want to be judged!

First, Kinsley has been sick. She started getting sick on Saturday night and it is still going on. I kept her home from school on Monday, meaning i missed a day at my new job, which my boss was totally okay with but I WASN'T. BUT I'm pissed because it's always ME that has to stay home. This isn't negotiable and i get it and it sucks but i want to complain about it.

So to make up for having to stay home I worked on the baby shower that i'm throwing this weekend.

Second, I hit a curb, hard, because it was raining and my tires needed to be replaced and i went around a turn and WHAM. the whole way to work my car is making fun noises, i take it in to be looked at and WHAM $1700 bill... uh huh.

SO i do my research, call them back, HANGLE like my life depends on it (which it does, at least my grocery money for the week) and work them down around $500.

Third, the part isnt' going to be in until the next day and Kinsley has to be picked up from school and i have to get home and Chris works on the other side of the world.

So mother-in-law takes us home before driving to the other side of the world to take herself home and my neighbor takes Kinsley to daycare AND me to work (saviors!).

Forth, This week is impossible. Tonight, AFTER i pick up my car, i have to make two desserts. Tomorrow is the Thanksgiving party at my work AND the thanksgiving dinner at K's school. Friday my Mom flys in for a visit, meaning i have to pick her up from the airport... Saturday I'm throwing a baby shower, meaning i have to CLEAN MY FREAKING DOG HAIR INFESTED HOUSE! Awesome.

Now i'm super excited about this shower and OMG you're going to die when i show you all of the details put together... BUT there's A LOT on my plate. As stressful as the "pick up" is for getting my Mom, i can't wait until she's here because lets face it people, Momma's make everything better (at least that's what K was telling me this morning as she was snuggling closer while babbling until her hearts content... my mine).

AND breathe...

WAIT one more thing... My BOOBS HURT! Yep i'm done breastfeeding AND pumping. K has PLENTLY of a stash to go from and so now i'm waiting for my milk to stop. I was only down to once a day pumping but even THAT makes for sore boobies!

and NOW i'm done!

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