Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween... the real deal

There was almost what some would call an epidemic of pregnancies in our townhouse circle. Seriously there were like 6 babies under 1 at one point. Since then two are above one but there's now another one on the way and more couples trying (no not us!). So this Halloween we were all excited to get together and see everyones babies all dress up.

Here's the oldest now as a Gator Cheerleader... it's okay, she's not old enough to explain that she wishes she was an NC State one!
Kinsley loved playing in the candy bucket with her, even if they didn't actually get a piece.

Kinsley, yet again just LOVED the attention!

Some dogs even came out!

We had a very grouchy/hungry dinosaur... yeah he's only 3 months old... but weighs as much as Kinsley... he was 10lbs born! WOAH! Yea and that's his TINY mom... makes me sick because she really WAS all baby!

The current youngest member of the crew, Baby Michael was a Monkey! So freakin sweet!

Reese the resident Lady Bug.

Kinsley giving her Momma some lovin

The whole family. We were supposed to be her web, but no one got it.
All ready for bed! Cute down to her bones!
So excited that Grandma is sleeping over, since Momma is going to a work conference the next morning

Happy Halloween!

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  1. I can't stand all the cuteness going on in this post! And the pug? Hilarious!