Saturday, November 20, 2010

Stopping Breastfeeding... or pumping

So i mentioned that i was done with all milk production but here's the dirty details. I'm no longer pumping... at all. While it's slightly freeing... i do miss it a little. The problem though is the pain. See i was down to one pump a day, and i stopped it. It was fine... not a big deal... until today. Today is bad. Today hurts. Today hurts A LOT. It's like huge rocks on fire and it feels like my boobs did squats for a week solid and now they are sore, oh and they were punching backs and bruised and tender to the touch... awesome.
Remember in the beginning when i was crying and complaining about how much it hurt TO breastfeed. Well now i'm crying and complaining because it hurts so much NOT to breastfeed. But i won't five up, just like i didn't then. It's all about time and well, i won't remember it that much in a few months... and it is REALLY nice to not have to think about my caffeine intake or am i producing enough, and can i drink tonight.
BUT IT HURTS. It's hurts SOOOO bad. I can't even huge people without cringing in pain... can you imagine wanting to cry every time your child wants to snuggle on you and NOT because it's such a sweet, touching moment but because she's killing you?
Well i'm off to take some ibuprofen and maybe some wine.... oh the yummy wine!

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  1. Yikes. I stopped pumping last Saturday and I am terrified on something like this happening to me. I was down to one pump as well and my boobs have felt fine the past few days. I really hope I don't experience any pain.