Friday, November 5, 2010

I haven't forgotten about ya'll!

I SWEAR! It's just been so busy! I'm at a new job, I attended a conference for three days. We had Halloween and all that goes with it... It was all just too much to also then try to blog. I'm sorry. But i have SO much to update you on so I will do that this weekend!
I promise to post pictures of The halloween party at K's school, post pics of Halloween, Other fun photos i've been taking of Kinsley...
AND the 11month photos I will be taking tonight.

Kinsley's 11 Months Old as of yesterday ya'll! Can you stand it?

Here's what she's up to....

Walking ALL.THE.TIME. now with NO assistance. She just goes.
She has 7 teeth now, a 7th one popped up while i was at the conference.
She LOVES walking around saying "uh oh"
Still obsessed with her Babydolls.
Claps on Que
Has 3 bottles and 2 sippy cups of milk a day but rarely drinks a whole sippy cup.
Her milk is 3oz breast milk and 1oz Whole milk. Sunday we'll make it half and half... (and so far she loves it).
She eats everything we eat, haven't found anything yet that she isn't a fan of.
She blows kisses, sometimes
Still not a big waver
Still a ham LOVING attention!

So that's most of it, i'll update more this weekend and get us back on track!

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