Sunday, November 28, 2010

A lot of updates coming... tomorrow

Not tonight. I'm too tired tonight. See my family came into town on Wednesday. It was great but that meant NOTHING got done that night. Then Thursday we woke up to Kinsley being COVERED in throw up. Happy Thanksgiving! She was fine though, i'm thinking maybe an upset stomach? So off we went to Grandma's house to cook all day and enjoy family time. Yeah i was in bed by 830 i think. We got up the next morning after being up all night with a fussy baby and a dog throwing up everywhere. Happy Black Friday! We did some shopping and got a call from my Dad that he had to leave to go back to NC to take my Grandmother to the doctor there because he was 99% sure she was coming down with a UTI. So my Mom was left at her hotel with no car, waiting on me to finish shopping (because she didn't want me to come and get her to shop with us). Once my tired baby and her tired Mommy finally got home and once Daddy (who worked all day)got home too, i tried to enjoy a glass of wine... wasn't really having it, so to bed again by like 830. Only to wake up at 11ish with diarrea. That wouldn't stop... oh and throwing up. Awesome I have a stomach bug. One thing i DO.NOT.DO. is nausa. So i was off to the ER, leaving Chris at home to take care of Kinsley and i was going to pick my Mom up on the way so she could be with me... until she answered her phone to let me know that she has the same thing.

But luckily she still had 2 adjoining rooms at the hotel (since they were already paid for and she couldn't get her money back), so i went to the 24 CVS at 230am and then stayed in the other room while she and i kept pooping and throwing up. Finally around 10 or so we were both feeling okay enough to go back home and see what was happening with Chris and Kinsley.

So Mom and I recovered for the most part. I was in bed by... are you waiting... 830, only to be woken up by 330am to the sounds of Chris loosing everything he's eaten in the past year. Awesome. Now he's sick.. oh and did i mention that his brother was sick too? uh huh. So today, even though i was still trying to recover I had to pick up my Mommy bootstraps and take care of my family. I banned my dear Cowboy to the room because i was terrified if he came out then Kinsley might get sick. I Lysoled the world and cleaned like i was starting a new business. And through it all Kinsley was whinny and clingy.

I'm tired ya'll, it's hard. I'm sleeping in another room for fear of getting sick OR having a sick germ on me when i go and tend to Kinsley. So I'm kind of happy to be going to work tomorrow... will almost be a vacation... plus i REALLY think that Kinsley needs to get back onto her schedule and be on the routine that she's used to. AND OMG ya'll! Her party is in 6 days!!! I have SOO much to do! AND i wanted to do so much this weekend but we were all sick. PLEASE pray for me and my nerves and my energy and PLEASE pray that Kinsley doesn't get sick!

Love ya'll, talk to you tomorrow!

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  1. I hope you are all back to normal soon! Try not to worry too much about the party, I'm sure it will all come together!