Wednesday, November 10, 2010

She a Lover

Kinsley had a playdate this past Friday. It was with her boyfriend, Jackson, next door. She was so excited and wanted to be very stylish like the big girls to impress him... since he is older, by a month and a half.
They had a great time getting into everything.

The little buddies were talking and playing all night.

Jackson was a silly ham for the camera

But little did he know, Kinsley just LOVES a silly boy. Reminds her of her dad. And every girl wants to marry her Dad.

Jackson tried to get away, but he was no match for a determined girl

She soon got him right where she wanted him.

Time for baby kisses! Oh Northern Cowboy is going to be in trouble with this one!

Jackson tried to tell her not in front of the parents... but Kinsley finds it hard to stop her effections.

Soon Jackson gave in a little bit, he knew what was best for him.

He was even high fiving her on her techniques

But Kinsley just didn't know when to leave well enough alone.

But despite Kinsley attacking Jackson and Jackson throwing in a little Chris Brown action, they were still friends

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Sort of

Oh Kinsley, you've already given your heart away haven't you?

Well he is a sweetie

Even if he's already made you cry... (JUST kidding. This was her rubbing her sleep eyes, no tears in site).

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  1. adorable are they playing together and great work on the commentary Momma. I'm laughing. I used to belong to a Mom and babies class and our son got to interact with kids around his age. It was hilarious watching them interact.