Tuesday, November 30, 2010


So now that the boobs are dry... for the most part... no longer engorged and no longer hurting, i decided that it was time for a proper bra fitting since i hadn't had that done since EVER. I mean i've been to Victorias Secret but come on, we ALL know their fittings are crap. They ask you what size you "normally" wear and go from there. I'm never completely happy with my bras from there and you always shell out a small fortune for a cheap piece of crap that you're going to get poked by and need to replace within a few months, IF they last THAT long.

So i went to Nordstrom. I've heard (via Oprah) that they are the Divine source when it comes to bra fittings. And since i have flap jacks that would like to be rewarded for a year of growing a human i decided to go for it! So i go in... she takes a measurement, looks at my jugs popping out from around my paint stained bra (GAH why did i not plan ahead and wear an old breast feeding one at least.... NOT the PAINT on the nipples bra that i wore when we were painting Kinsley's nursery and i had no sense of my body so i had i paint on everything that stuck out) and went and got me the "trial bra". This is just the basic bra they use to judge everyones size. My cup runith over slightly, so she came back when the next one. And once she explained to me that it was for my boobs and not a water balloon sling shot or yard tent, i tried it on. and it fit. and i almost cried.

I was officially diagnosed with G size boobs. How is that possible? How is it possible that i've been rolling up and cramming my boobs into DD bras when they really are a G-force? How is it that no one has figured this out before? SURELY there must be a mistake and a mathematical equation for why my boobs are fitting so snugly into this G size bra! So i bought two... I mean they WERE on sale for $37 each! They are nice t-shirt style bras. Next, i tried to find some pretty sexy bras, but well... the pretty/sexy G size bra department at Nordstrom is lacking. I asked for some cute ones and she brings me ones with enough lace to make a wedding dress... THAT much fabric is NOT cute.

So off i went to Bra la la for a second opinion on this sizing mishap and in search of something the hubs won't use as a life preserver once he starts drowning in my massive bosom.

Ladies and Gentlemen, i'm sad to say... There was something wrong with their charts too... still a G! What is wrong with these people?!?! But, at least they knew that Titanic size boobs don't want to drown in a sea of lace either and enjoy a nice demi cup! So two more bras in the bank.

So now between my 4 (ridiculous sized) bras i can clothe a small country in Africa, or I can just be "Lifted up"... que music!

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  1. Oh G...hee hee. The only thing I can kill with my itty bitty bewbs is an ant.