Tuesday, November 9, 2010

OMG, i left my baby!

I went to a work conference at the beginning of November for three days. I missed my little cupcake so much. It was a nice break but dang I don't want to do it again any time soon (sorry to all of you who were gonna offer me a traveling job). When i got back it was about an hour before i normally would pick her up and she was sitting down for a snack. I snuck up behind her and this is the face that greeted me. Man my heart is just melting reliving it.

Ever since I picked her up she's been pretty cliggy and cuddly and WOW is my heart just soaking it up. She's giving out kisses, hugs, snuggles and pitching fits! lol. Yes she's begun to figure out how to throw a tantrum. She first started out just putting her head on the ground when she was tired. But then i guess she decided this was a good idea for when she was crying too... lol. It's hard not to laugh, since she's trying SOOO hard to be dramatic. Like the other day when i spanked her hand for yet AGAIN getting into the dog bowls right after i told her to stop. She cried out (but didn't actually cry) then she glared at me as she walking into the other room. Nothing is funnier then getting the stink eye from an 11 month old! lol

God i missed this girl!

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  1. We went away to Vegas sans toddler and when I returned, he was so clingy and cuddly and I will not lie...I loved every single minute of it!