Tuesday, November 23, 2010

5 away... well now 4

From 700 posts! I mean since i've combined my blogs that's what i'm looking at! WHOA!

OKay enough about that more about the annoyance of Mommyhood. No not being an actual Mommy but being a Mommy annoyed with others. See i LOVE how people want to WOOO and AHHHH all over my darlin little bundle of boogers, but seriously, can you do it when it's convienant with ME? Not when, say, I'm late getting back to work from my lunch break?!?! I want to be gracious and give everyone their kinsley time but seriously people, you're not paying for the privilage so i need to get to where they are paying to be sitting! GAH! But since everyone was taking their sweet time Kinsley decided to grace them with a poopie diaper! HA HA revenge on the world! But Kinsley also made a liar out of me but not doing hardly ANY of her sign language. UH!

Now i could use a nap, but that's not in the cards today, today i need to go home, releave my Mom from Kinsley duties and then make dinner, put away laundry, and put together paper chains for Kinsley's party. LESS THEN TWO WEEKS AWAY!

I WAS super excited about this party and all that it's going to be, now i'm worried it won't be enough! I know you're thinking i'm crazy, between the custom signs, moonbounce, candy bar, pizza, real goldfish, pom balls, and balloons, how can it NOT be enough? But i'm worried... people are expecting a lot now. Especially since i've given a few previews everyone has it all blown up in their head. I know it's going to be great and it's going to be what i wanted it to be for my little Cupcake but will it be what everyone is expecting?

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