Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Time to start thinking about Christmas... WHAT?!?!?

Guys I LOVE me some Shutterfly! I mean what is there NOT to like? Remember this post about Kinsley's birthday invite? Yep, printed thanks to Shutterfly. Plus our super awesome christmas cards last year? Uh huh, shutterfly!
We JUST got some christmas pictures taken and ya'll I'm already trying to decide which card we're going to get! There's so many GREAT Christmas cards! Like:

This Damask beautifulness is beyond beautiful!

And OMG, it's POLKA DOTS! I puffy heart polka dots!
But Christmas plaid is just so timeless!

But this one is FUN and we could include the pups.

It's really going to be hard to decide. But while i'm thinking about my christmas cards i start thinking about grandparents and uncles! But Shutterfly can have them covered too!

They have GREAT notebooks that you can cover in your own photos, make it a journal so that you never want to get rid of it! And a Mug is ALWAYS a great gift and i great way for Dad's to show off kids at work while being practical!

But the most awesome is this photo video that i think is going to be a MUST for Kinsley's first birthday!

Now why am i telling you all about this awesomeness? Because Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly… sign up: ! How cool is THAT for the budget, so sign up NOW and MAYBE you'll get one as cute as me:

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