Sunday, November 7, 2010

Daycare Parade!

I'm going to assult you with photos now since you've been so good to hang in there while i got my act together. We've been very busy so we're so sorry that we've negleted you. Kinsley is ALL.OVER. the place and it's been so much fun to watch... but that's made it hard to do anything else. lol.

The Friday before Halloween Kinsley's daycare had a Halloween party. It was a parade and party and all of the parents were invited. I WAS really bummed out since I started my new job and didn't want to ask to get off early. Not the greatest way to make a good impression "Hi, thanks for hiring me, i would like to leave early on Friday"... yeah not so much.

BUT I found out that there was a lunch being held on Friday and after lunch everyone got to go home! YEA! I would make her party!

So off I went. I even got off early enough to stop at Target and get little trick or treat gifts for the kids (for EXTREMELY cheap since it was RIGHT before Halloween)!

Here's the Itsy Bitsy Spider now!
She was so flipping cute and LOVED all of the attention she got!
Oh and here's her Daycare boyfriend! He's such a lover..

Yea, gotta watch that one! It's really so cute. ALL of the other girls there can just look at him wrong and he gets mad, Kinsley can take his food and he'll hug her! So cute!

I think he just has a heart for the little ones!

I'm helping to push the crowd... Kinsley was the "Grand Marshall"
All the kids piling out... they were all so cute!

Kinsley and Little Sophia. Sophia has always had my heart from the beginning. I always try to wear long necklaces that she can play with when i pick up K.

Getting ready for the party!

Kinsley LOVED her cupcake! We got it on video... good practice for a month from now~

And that was Kinsley first Halloween party. She really had a blast and slept VERY well that night!

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