Monday, November 1, 2010

What are you doing?

I"m at a conference right now for my new job missing my little spider terribly! Kinsley and I have Skyped and i think that is the only way i could emotionally do this. I'm away at a conference Monday through Wednesday, so not terribly long... but to my heart it feels like MONTHS! But last night we got on Skype and it was heaven. Kinsley waved to me, blew a kiss, clapped, and said "Uh Oh". Lol, that's her new thing, she'll walk around with her phone (or any phone shaped object) and hold it up to her head and say "Uh Oh"... so freaking cute.

But the upside of the conference is that i have some down time that i can upload and post some pictures that are late! Another upside? I went for a 3 mile jog this morning, most of which i actually DID jog! WOOT! Last night? I read in the bath for a while and then slept ALL.Night.long! WOW... I mean i did briefly wake up at 430 expecting to hear baby cries but luckily i was able to go back to sleep.

So now on to the Pumpkin picking photos! Blogger is being a B!t#h right now so i'm having photo upload problems so some of the pictures are repeated because blogger won't let me delete them either... UH.... anyways, enjoy

Welcome to the World of Pumpkin fun!

This is the "Budsman Crew" on the pumpkin train... Kinsley boyfriend Jackson was not too happy about it, but he did warm up to it.

Kinsley Adored the corn pit. She thought it was the best thing ever! She did keep trying to eat it but luckily i don't think too much went down.

All the babies riding down with the Daddies... poor Jackson, His Daddy slipped getting onto the slide so he bumped his head... lol poor guy can't get a break!

Kinsley was not a fan of the petting zoo... she thought it was great, until the sheep moved it's head to look at her, that's when Kinsley literally!t. THere's no other way to put it!
And the happy family! Kinsloey wanted to eat all of that hay!

Our cute little pumpkin!

Here's the pumpkin cannon... There was a bit of compitition to hit the markers... yeah the TWO cops didn't hit it, but Jackson's Mommy, a cops wife did! She was the only one! YEA CASEY!

Grandma was so happy to get to spend the day with us!

Daddy not hitting anything... lol

Kinsley picking out her pumpkin!

"This one Mommy! Buy this one!"

Hayride to get out pumpkins!

The big Rocking Chair, can you say Kodak Moment?

Aunt Jessie and Uncle Dan even made it out... despite Uncle Dan's allergies being terrible! We puffy heart them!

What a day.... Kinsley thought it was great!

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