Monday, November 22, 2010

I know i've been a bad blooger

But i have good reason! i've been so busy i barely know my name! For REALS ya'll! I just threw a (FREAKING AWESOME) baby shower, pictures coming soon. My mom is in town. My family is COMING into town. I'm planning a birthday party. Thanksgiving is THIS WEEK. We had two thanksgiving parties last week. I wrecked my car and had to get it fixed. The hubs has been working much longer hours. Kinsley has been a little sick and VERY clingy!

SEE, it's a lot... but i do have some great pictures coming ya'lls way, because we ALL know that's the only thing you want around here.

But even though you're DYING for pictures I'm going to tell you a story. A story about my daughter Sunday morning at church. See I sing on the praise team at church. That means i have to be present for both services. So Sunday i got up, got ready and left Kinsley in the very capible hands of my Mom and Northern Cowboy. They show up for the first service, drop Kinsley off in the nursery (where she normally laughs at other babies) and tell me that during the second service they will be going grocery shopping so bring Kinsley home with me. Got it.

Well between services i decide to go and snuggle my little ankle bitter and ya'll... she was having a fit! She was just laying there on a teacher SOBBING. My child DOES NOT do this. She laughs at the other kids when they do this. I don't know if she wasn't feeling well, was overly tired, or just needed Mommy love, but she was PISSED.

I think it was Mommy love because as long as i wasn't going anywhere she was fine. UH, this wasn't good, i still had one more service to go and my Mom and Chris were MIA at the g-store already! So I took her upstairs with me. I tried to get her situated with someone else so she could watch me sing... NO GO. so we left. I couldn't sing the second service and my daughter was just fine the rest of the day. yea....

Ya'll i LOVE my baby and LOVE that she loves her Momma, but i don't want to encourage this! Here's to hoping it's just a faze.

Oh and on a happy note, Kinsley now knows Thank You in sign language. So we never really know if she's blowing kisses or saying thank you but hey, it's a start!

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