Wednesday, May 18, 2011

30 before 30!

I'm 28. I'll be 29 on September 28, 2011. I will be 30 on September 28, 2012 and here are 30 things I've never done or haven't done in so long I NEED to do it to feel like me again by the time I'm 30~ Let me know if you want to help! Purple means i've NEVER done it!

1. Run a Half Marathon
2. Spend a whole day at a spa!
3. Go on a vacation (length at least 2 nights) with husband
4. Teach Kinsley how to pray
5. Take Kinsley to Sesame Place
6. Go a month without spending a penny (except real needs, like food and gas)
7. Have a movie marathon day (hire a babysitter)
8. Go to a state i've never been to (or driven through)
9. Spend the weekend at a B&B
10. Go camping
11. Organize my photos FINALLY
12. Order my photo scrapbooks, FINALLY
13. Have one sponsored blog post
14. Meet a fellow blogger!
15. Pay for someone else at a drive thru
16. Pick up K early from daycare and take her some place awesome!
17. Host a theme party
18. Cook a lobster!
19. Go to a rodeo
20. Dye my hair a shade of red
21. Have every wall in my house painted
22. Do that complicated paint by numbers I saw
23. sew a quilt
24. Go on a girls only Vacation
25. Get a bike and take Kinsley bike riding
26. Have a dinner party with a 5 course meal! (sorry there will be limited seating!)
27. Finish my family tree
28. Participate in a flash mob (no idea how to do this one...)
29. earn enough money to go and buy a REAL camera (DSLR with lenses, etc)
30. Have a KICK ASS party thrown for me!

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