Thursday, May 26, 2011

I feel jipped.

Yep I really do. Yesterday was THE LAST DAY OF THE OPRAH SHOW! OMG what has the world come to?!?!? What are we supposed to do everyday at 4pm now? This is monumental. I think this is what all of the theologians were predicting by the "end of the world", they were just off by a few days. Because since we won't get our daily dose of "God is okay with you living with your boyfriend who you refuse to marry" everyday, the world OBVIOUSLY is over.

So I did what every other person in the world did and made sure to DVR it. Come on, I don't get off work until 4! So i won't be home until 5, and i'm surely NOT going to take off work for this final episode, you would think it's a Royal Wedding or something. No, I DVR'ed it and sat down ready to force the boyfriend to watch it with me. I got my dinner, the baby was asleep (or at least throwing shit quietly across her room in a fit of rage since we forgot to give her the baby to sleep with), and i hit play. Oh this is going to be good! THIS is going to be like a Favorite Things episode! I can just feel it, except this time even the people at HOME will get a new car!

But then she wouldn't SHUT.UP! She was all "empower you this" and "platform that" and "dream dream dream. THEN she had the nerve to talk about episodes we had already seen. I mean COME ON, doesn't she know we only watch her for makeovers, couch jumpers, and free shit?!?!? I don't care how she started, I ALREADY KNOW, now give me stuff!

So to say the least I was deeply disappointed in this finally episode. What can I say I go for the shock factor...


Ha, kidding, I'm really not. Not even trying... I just like the SHOCK of it all! See? Fun!
I'll will go drink wine now... well no it's time for breakfast, i'll wait until tonight... then wine, and sushi, and anything else to disappoint your thrill of thinking i'm baking another Cupcake... because I'm disappointed that i won't get a free washer and dryer.

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