Wednesday, May 4, 2011

is it bad....

That i normally only get 2-3 hours of awake time with my daughter, but last night all i wanted was for her to go to bed early and stay asleep?

Oh she's been in rare form this week. I know part of it has to do with the fact that her classroom at school still has a big hole in it so she's in a different room, shared with very loud older children. So she doesn't get good naps and is in a smaller space then she's used to. But really, those are just excuses! She needs to buck up!

Last night after we got home and i threw a barely eddible dinner into the oven we went outside. Things were going well until she wanted to play on another little girl's three wheeler and the other little girl tried to help push her. Enter meltdown.

After her second meltdown we left.

We get inside and I promise her deck time with BUBBLES (since dinner isn't ready). After 3 tempertantums at least i'm crouched on the floor of the deck trying to get Kinsley to look for a Daddy that isn't in the house just so she'll quit throwing bubble wands at me that i can't magically put back together. I send her in the house to look for her passy by herself so i can hear just the end of my neighbors story about her wonderful job news. I just want her to STOP. Finally Northern Cowboy does make an appearance and gives her baby crack pasta pick ups. He then has to get ready for softball, so i administer the 2nd round of baby crack. Only to have a folk chucked at my head again and pasta flung at the ceiling. Repeat from previous night where she puts herself to bed... or rather climbs the stairs where i have evily place her passy at the top where she can see it so she has to come upstairs. Once there i swoop her up, change her, rock her and lay her down.

Off to dream land she goes... until 10pm. WHAT?!?! Yeah she start stiring at 10pm! By 11 we're at a meltdown mode. So up i get, I rock, I sooth, the hubs is STILL at softball. I lay her down, asleep. But apparently the crib sheets have razor blades shooting off of them because as soon as her first hair touches the sheet she wakes screaming.

Got it, coming to my bed.

Cowboy gets home right after we've dozed off to sleep so that we can be jerked back awake by barking dogs.

He comes upstairs and asks why K's in our bed, i give him the condienced version of it (She sreamed like hell until i brought her in here). He thought it was cute that she "missed him"... i told him that he gets the privilage of putting her into her bed now.

She cried... for a bit...

Then she was fine, until 530 this morning.

I'm more tired then when i had a new born.... suggestions?

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