Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I have an obsession...

I'm sure you deal with this too... it's dressing my child in beyond cute clothes that SCREAM southern! I mean, you deal with this too right? Oh good, I thought I was the only one... since we're stuck up here in Northern land where it's okay to attend birthday parties in t-shirts (no offense if you do/did)! I mean don't parents know that birthday parties are like a child fashion show?!? No? Just me? Well regardless Kinsley looked cute, I mean she would look cute in a t-shirt too, but COME ON! Look at this child!

Look at the level of concentration with this one... can't concentrate without using her tongue, just like here Mama!

See? Right there? The Green Kinsley! ADORABLE!

Yeah that's MY child sitting in the middle of the circle at another child's party... in her defense she was one of the youngest and we were just at THIS little gym the day before for class where they let them sit anywhere...

Everyone loves a good parachute!

K can walk on the beam all by herself...  yeah she's a star!

She's also no dummy. She learned VERY quickly to follow the lady with the bubbles rather then wait for her to come back around!

Hanging around is her new thing.

that and stealing others balls...

So see, was Kinsley a little more done up the other kids, sort of... but i like to think she was just done different, not up ;)~

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