Friday, May 13, 2011

Mounting to-do list

(** this is a long post of begging, whinning and pleading, please be warned... pictures are at the end of it**)

So the hubs and i have lived in our house for 5!!!! years now! WOW! And sadly we haven't done a lot. Whether it is lack of time, money, or motivation, we just haven't. We bought it knowing it was the best we could afford and was in a great neighborhood, but needed some fixing up.

I'll let you in on what we have done (pictures coming) first, since it's shorter

  • replaced bathroom lighting... not a fan of what we chose anymore
  • painted the kitchen and put on new countertops... again wishing for something different
  • painted the whole main floor, trim, etc... except for the ceiling.
  • put up waynes coating with a chair rail in the dinning room (Pictures now!)
  • installed a new kitchen sick
  • painted our master bathroom and installed new towel hooks
  • Painted Kinsley's room
  • Installed ceiling fans in our room and K's (it gets HOT in there!)
  • had a deck built
  • got a new HVAC
  • re-landscaped
  • Painted/fixed front of house
  • bought stuff to make new screens with
  • replaced a patch of carpet on the landing that Sadie destroyed
I think that's mostly it... okay, so that's not TOO bad, but there's still so much to do and the list is only growing!

  • Paint upstairs hallway
  • paint doors and trim
  • replace all door knobs
  • finish the basement, including creating a laundry room and half bath
  • Stain deck
  • make tiny office into Kinsley's Toddler room
  • Eventually (like in the next year, but not for at least 6-8 months) make her nursery into another baby's nursery (work pending actually TRYING to make that baby... not yet... and if it's a boy or girl.
  • replace carpet upstairs
  • replace laminate floors so that they actually are installed correctly
  • replace tile to match whatever we replace the laminate with
  • replace the vanities in the master bath, children's bath, and half bath
  • retile the master bath
  • have fire place fixed
  • replace the stair poles that Sadie used as teething toys when she was a puppy
  • Paint our bedroom
  • Install curtians in our bedroom
  • Sew curtians for den
  • Get a new couch that isn't a dog hair magnant
  • install a better closet system in all of the closets
  • repaint the kitchen
  • possibly redo the counter tops
  • have walkway to house repathed
  • install ceiling fan in K's future room (it's HOT in there y'all!)
  • recover the lamp shades in the dinning room chandalier (done!)
  • replace the lights in the bathrooms and kitchen
I THINK that MIGHT be it... but i'm sure the hubs would say i'm missing about a million things.

So here's the problem, we just don't have the money FOR these projects. Why?
  1. have you seen the cost of living in and around DC? OMG!
  2. daycare
  3. i SUCK at over spending
  4. anything we do save needs to go to a future down payment
  5. Sadie is the dog that is never well = big vet bills
  6. Finishing a basement SUCKS because of all the permits, etc you have to get = plans you have to have drawn = time you have to invest = inspections you have to pay for... NEVER ENDING!
So that's where we're at... except I'm looking for help! Here's what I'm looking for:

(yes this will be in a list format because List make me all giddy inside!)
  1. Anyone that might be able to tell me where to get AWESOME coupons/free deals on paint, etc
  2. Anyone will to "sponsor" us putting in the sweat and labor and documenting it all for your viewing pleasure and we'll totally pimp you out on this blog, my facebook, and twitter!
  3. Anyone who might want to take a look at some of the awfulness and offer me on tips on how to fix what i have for little to nothing!
OKay? So... PLEASE! I have the skills! Can you help me?

here's some K for your viewing pleasure~
This is Kinsley saying "PEEEEEASE!" (she doens't use the L.... the L is over rated)

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