Monday, May 16, 2011

If she wasn't so cute when she smiled...

I might try to trade her in!
I swear people i NEED help! I love this little girl more than air but WHOA! She is in a SERIOUS Mommy phase (Cowboy just looks at her and she'll start screaming!) AND she doesn't want to sleep unless she's in my bed kicking me and playing with my hair.

Here's where i need your help.

She's been a good sleeper off and on... I think we'd fall off the wagon when she would cut a tooth. Lately she cries when we lay her down (didn't use to), will wake up crying in the middle of the night (sometimes even once she's in our bed because i'm a living zombie at this point and have surrendered to the Toddle assault inflicted on me at 2 in the morning), AND without fail will wake up between 415-5 crying and will NOT be soothed back to sleep unless she's with me, then MY last hour or so of sleep is ruined. We tried it, this morning. She cried from 4 until 515 when i finally just got her up (because I was NOT going to let her go back to sleep at that point since she was going to have to be up to leave the house anyway at 6...

So here's our schedule (typically)
6am wake and get her ready for the day (at least that's when i wish she would get up)
630 drop her off at daycare
she'll take around a 2 hour nap, typically, from 12-2 or around there
5 pick her up from daycare, we'll play eat dinner then do our bedtime routine and she'll typically be in bed around 7 unless she's uber cranky/didn't have a good nap that day, etc then it might be 615-630.

What am i doing wrong? what can I do differently?


Here's the little turd princess on mothers day... hard to be mad at that face~

Cowboys Grandmother, Mother, and daughter... lots of women in his life~

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  1. One of the books I like to keep as a reference is No Cry Sleep Solution. It's just full of tips on how to help babies sleep, especially if CIO isnt working. Hope that helps! The schedule sounds perfectly normal to me, that's about what E does. So I think you're doing everything right, just sounds like you might have to sleep train K again. (Bummer I know...) Best of luck to you!!