Monday, May 9, 2011

When is it okay to give up?

Some days I just stare at my workout clothes like evil playground kids taunting me. Okay, MOST days I look at them and think that. I'm just so over trying! I'm over the fact that I cannot eat burgers and fries without feeling guilty. I'm over the fact that I can't have a big bowl of frosted flakes for breakfast without knowing it's going to make friends with the fat above my knees. I'm over the fact that when my husband wants to have a beer I automatically think about what I ate that day and what is did to workout and will it fit into my weightloss plan.


And please don't email me saying, well you can have that burger without cheese or mayo, OR have fat free Mayo! AND LOAD it up with veggies!

Because you know what I want? I want a 1/3lb burger from Fuddruckers with swiss cheese, grilled onions and mushrooms. I want to layer it with mayo, ketchup, and honey mustard. The only veggies i want near it are lettus and pickles (I don't think that's even a veggie). That's what I want and i don't want to be told I can have that but only once a month and after I've ran 10 miles.

Why is it so hard to lose weight and WHEN can I give up? When can I be happy in a size 10/12 body? When can I look at another woman who is so much smaller then me and enjoys working out and not be envious?

I DO NOT like to workout. I'll talk to fitness buffs and they'll ask me what do i like to do as a workout.
1. I wouldn't look like THIS if there was some form of fitness i really liked
2. Does lifting a glass of wine to my lips count?

So when is it okay to give up?


  1. Hang in there Breedwoman. You're just saying what every women is thinking, but some are too ashamed to admit! Btw, I think a size 10/12 is perfectly fine, and nothing to be ashamed of!! Just keep trucking along. Maybe instead of loosing weight, just think you want to stay "healthy". No need to feel guilty about that burger, EAT IT!! AND ENJOY EVERY BITE OF IT! As long as you're not eating it for breakfast, lunch, & dinner every day of the week, WHO CARES? Every once in a while is no biggie. And find a workout that makes you feel good about yourself. Who cares how many calories it burns, etc. If you're getting your heartrate up, then it's working! And if you don't feel like working out today, no biggie, go another day of the week! Anyways, my point is just to set goals that are realistic for YOU! Be honest with yourself about what you can/can't do. Don't be envious of the size 0's, I bet you they haven't eaten a delicious Fuddrucker's meaty slice of heaven in years! Poor things... it's not worth it! Life's too short to fret over size & weight, just keeping yourself healthy should be your only goal. (Btw, ever heard the phrase those that can't do, teach? Well, pretty sure that applies to me on this issue....)

  2. you would probably be so happy with your current size if you gained a lot of weight. thats what happened with me. be content with your current size because it really can be alot worse. like you could be my size --