Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New 30 day challenge!

Okay, so NOT like this past one. i will have an assignment EVERY day, but it's not something i have to DO every day... it's something i have to NOT do.

Lately I've spent a bit of money. See i needed clothes for work. Last years spring clothes didn't fit and the year before that REALLY didn't fit, or before that. These past springs/summers i've gone from a size 6-8, to pregnant, to post baby body, to me now... getting leaner but still in size 10 to 12. Not a size i enjoy being in, BUT it's my reality. Not to mention that my boobs are changing size monthly i feel like.

Plus I'm in a new job where i can't get away with wearing jersery sun-dresses and flipflops to work each day. So I needed clothes. I needed dresses, skirts, tops, and a few (but not too many because I can convert most winter office pants to summer office pants) pants. Oh and shoes because since i can't wear flipflops and i can't wear heels that are to small for my post pregnancy (because they grew almost 1/2 a size) cloppers.

I would look around and some things were okay and others were not. Some would be great for the office, but i really couldn't make it work for the weekend (and i need it to work for both so i don't have to buy double). So i went to ebay. A curse and a savior.

I would set my settings to my size, my designers, and my price range and away I would go! I got some GREAT stuff! Like a Lilly Pulitzer top, normally around $158... i paid $35! Or how about a $119 dress for $39.99! (tags still on everything!). OR an Ann Taylor Linen skirt for $13!!! I mean I got REALLY great pieces for REALLY great prices! The dresses i can wear to work with a cami and/or light sweater! The skirts i can wear to church and some on the weekends. The tops/blazers can be ready for slacks or jeans! It's a win win.

But the reality is when you're done buying, you still bought. Whether you needed it or not, you still spent.

Even though I bought two bras from Target for $10 each (rather than $50 Victoria's Secret bras), I still spent $20.

So I'm going on a spending fast! A thirty day spending fast!

Here's the way it's going to work/ here are the rules

1. I will not buy (or commit to buy.... still have a few things pending) anything for myself or Kinsley
2. The following are the only THINGS i can buy and only if we need it, not if it's just a great deal.
  • diapers/wipes/etc
  • shampoo/razor/tampons, etc
  • a swimsuit (if i find one that is super awesome and makes me look skinny and i s super cheap and chris agrees) because i need one before June 25th like WOAH!
3. I can grocery shop but i must stick to the list and i must eat out the pantry/freezer
4. I can buy gas

That's it! To many you're thinking, um Erin this is NOT a fast... but to those who know me and my love affair for target, etc... it IS... OH it IS.

See when I’m out and about i have whole conversations with myself about items. Like yesterday, I got Kinsley two new sippy cups. Here's the conversation.
It all began by being in the isle getting her forks (which she did need)

I wonder if there are any Elmo cups.... K LOVES Elmo now. Hmm no, but she does NEED some new cups that don't look like bottles and are more "big girl" and don't spring a leak when she throws them across the room.
I really want to get her this no spout one but $4.74 for one cup seems like a lot. I wonder if she would like these cups... she kept trying to take Jackson's cup that is just like this one the other day. I think it would do and I don't think it would spill as much as her other cups with the soft heads. By getting this I'm really saving cleaning time AND i'm getting two cups for $7.64 which makes them $3.82, that's a better deal than $4.74. Almost a whole dollar a cup! Plus they are cute so I know she'll love them. I can just throw out a few of those cups that aren't our favorites and spill all the time.
Yeah we'll get this set, perfect!

Uh huh, that's all for a SIPPY CUP people! I do this with EVERYTHING! Because the hubs this is what he does.

Sees a new sippy cup. Hears: a;woeirthr4yhw[ejweo;dhj (that's the sound of all of them falling out of the cabinet) $$$$$$ (that's the sound of the last 4-5 sippy cups I bought adding up in his head) zldrj09wejl;sefjo ________________ (that's the sound of K throwing the new sippy cup and it not spilling and him not caring).

So I'm on a freeze. Not just that, I'm going to track and try to spend 2/3 of what i normally do at the g-store.

Who's in it with me?

Have I mentioned that K needs bigger PJ's.... No She really needs them! Because....

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