Tuesday, May 3, 2011

EASTER! I almost forgot!

Bad Erin, yes i know! How can i forget to post about Easter!?!?! After reading so many amazing post from others about Easter?!?! So here's Easter!

My Parents and Grandmother came up for to visit us for Easter weekend! It was wonderful! My Dad finally got to see Kinsley in Full Crazy at Little Gym! Her favorite is the climbing wall!
 Then they started the Easter Egg hunt! Kinsley KNEW what to do! It was great! This picture is a little blurry but i LOVE it!
 Later we went home and played and then took a nap and when she woke up we walked around the neighborhood (I'm REALLY hating that passy!)
 I LOVE her little bubble Easter outfit! So Cute!
 My Parents walked around our circle a few times with Kinsley and her baby!
 Then Kinsley wanted a bigger challenge, pushing her boyfriend. Dang a girl's always got to do ALL the work!
 Jackson ended up finding a mud puddle to play in so i stripped down K and let her join in... Hey she's got to be a kid right?
 Stomp stomp
 Splash splash
 Here we are decorating cookies, or eating them... lol
 Yum, Grandma's always give you the best treats!
 Sunday Morning the Easter Bunny came!!! YEA!
 Look Momma!

Yes i went out in my front yard looking like this...

Then it was time for church! My cutie patootie

cheese face!

then off to play!

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  1. What sweet pictures! I am LOVING that little bubble outfit and beautiful dress!