Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Catch up Post

I'm writing this post as a whole of Diary submissions. I won't post it until Chris and I ARE pregnant and we're telling the world. BUT I wanted to record the journey like I did with Kinsley. I didn't want to miss one sore boob, one accidental pee, or any morning sickness that might come my way with another little bean. So I'm saving these post as drafts until I allow you, my dear readers in on the little secret! The secret right now? We're "trying"! Or as Chris still likes to call it, not preventing!

It ALL started in May. I was having weird cramps, not feeling okay, so i decided to go to the GYN and have her check things out... and once she checked it all out i had her remove things too. MY IUD! I was worried about it and yada yada it was going to be coming out in a month or two anyway, so peace! I told her to give me some birth control pills because the hubs wasn't QUITE ready and she told me they weren't going to be effective for a month and if i was only going to use them for a month or two i was just going to screw with my body, so i said... Oh well... we're using condoms i guess.

When the hubs found out about this turn of events (pills a no go) he wasn't thrilled. I mean what married man who is used to NO condoms, wants to start using them?!?! But we did... until the weekend of his Richmond Race Experience! That is the weekend that all was given into. And I don't know but I REALLY think i was ovulating that weekend. I had ALL the signs that I normally have when I ovulate... open cervix, sore down there, cramps on one side, around the right time... That all doesn't mean official proof and even if i was it doesn't mean that we're going to be pregnant... but it's a start!

So now we wait. I will test at the end of this week because that would be 2 weeks after ovulation, if that's what it was. It could be too early, or it could just be plain old negative, but i'll let you know!
This week I've been SOOOO tired... like whoa a Mac Truck just hit me tired. BUT that could be because Kinsley hasn't been the best sleeper lately... BUT last night she was and I was asleep by 9! ALSO I had a HORRIBLE head ache last night. I mean so bad it hurt to open my right eye. I NEVER get head aches and the last time i got one like that was when i was in the beginning stages of pregnancy with Kinsley. BUT I was farther along so...

So yeah, we don't know anything... I may or may not be... I hope I am. We cleaned out the basement Saturday and just seeing the bassinet and swing again made my uterus turn circles. I'm SOOOO yearning for this! But at least we aren't preventing anymore so if i'm not there's always next month!

Well last night I took a pregnancy test. I just can't shake this sleepiness so i just did it. There was the FAINTEST line i've ever seen but i REALLY think it was there. I told Chris, ran to the store and  bought a digital. While i was waiting on that test to process I ate ice cream and then BAM "not pregnant". Granted it's EARLY still and the other test IS more sensitive but we'll see. I'm going to wait until Friday morning and then i'll test again. pregnancy pee is more potent in the morning so i figure giving it another day and half and using the good stuff gives me a shot... Still will be a little early but I HAVE TO KNOW! If we are pregnant and this baby is a girl, her name will be Virginia, you know, since that's where she was made~

Oh sweet babylove 2.0, I hope this is really you in my belly zapping out all of my energy to the point where i feel like a sitting (because i'm too tired to walk) zombie. Holy Freakin Jesus! This is the first day this week that i didn't take a nap at lunch, all because some Damn Co-worker had to come my way blabbing about Fuddrucks (okay it was my Boss asking nicely if i would like to join her).. we ALL know i have absolutely NO willpower when it comes to that place! Hello, I grew your sister off those burgers! So i went and now here i sit SOOO tired, only getting more tired at the thought of having to take care of your darling energetic sister. Oh dear lord help me. Bless her heart, but i wish it wouldn't make me a bad Mommy to doap her up on some good infant drugs just so we could take a nap until Daddy got home to take care of things. SOOOOO tired. All I have to say is I better be pregnant or else this is going to be one hell of a cycle or i'm having some hell of a lot of phantom symptoms.

Well it's official! Momma got a postive test last night! Daddy is calling you #4 (Stella is #1, Sadie #2, Kinsley #3, you #4... don't take it personal!) and you're the size of a poppy seed!
That's you little bit!
I am so excited about you but also very causious. I've told our neighbor Kristin, my co-worker Lisa and your Aunt Christina. We are waiting to tell the grandparents and uncles until the beach so that Kinsley can have the privilege of telling everyone! It should be a lot of fun!
The first time we'll get to see you will be July 29th! That's SO far away but I can take it, I'll just start doing my thing with less caffine and more sleep... I'm sure Daddy will NOT like that. lol.
I love you Babylove 2.0. You have some big shoes to fill with such an amazing sister, but i know you're going to be incredible in your own way!

I have on my brave face right now... I just saw what every Mom-to-be dreads seeing... pink when you wipe. It could be from you inplanting yourself into Momma's tummy for safe keeping... I hope so... please don't leave me.

Oh 2.0 you gave Mommy a real scare... you're already going to be a tough cookie huh? There was a lot of pink on Friday. I went home and took 3 test and they were all negative. I was very sad. I was convienced you were a chemical pregnancy... but then Saturday morning i tested again and Postive... and the pink stopped! So my thoughts? Since it was SOOO early i think you were just finding a snuggly place to rest for the next 8 months and we all know Mommy has issues with low HCG levels so you only make your presence known this early in the mornings when the levels are most potent. I'm so glad you're still with us, growning and attaching! Daddy and I will get to see you at the end of July! I love you so much already, now STOP FREAKING ME OUT!

Oh little 2.0 how much like your sister you are already. Making me bloat like i'm trying to smuggle a small pillow into work. I've broken out the maternity pants already because I just couldn't deal with using a hair band to hold my pants up anymore. The curse of a small torso and extreme baby bloat... love it.

Once upon a time i couldn't keep my flipping mouth shut! It's bad Babylove 2.0, i just want to scream from the roof top and interwebs that I'm pregnant! BUT i know i need to wait. I need to give you a little more time to make sure your home is nice and cosy and we need to tell the parentals too. IT'S JUST SO HARD TO KEEP THIS A SECRET! I told my waxer about you. Yep as she ripping the hair out of my underarm I told her that I'm pregnant. I figure it gives me that glee i'm looking for and if anything, God forbid, were to happen I wouldn't have to "untell" her. UH, why does pregnancy have to be so scary yet so wonderful at the same time?
I'M PREGNANT! Right NOW I'm Pregnant and I couldn't be more excited, or tired, but more so excited... except right now because I missed my afternoon nap since i was getting hair ripped off my body... But still very excited!

Won't be long now and we get to tell your Sasha, Pop pop and Grandma about you! We're so excited! Daddy keeps asking if #4 is giving me karate kicks yet, it's cute. I'm so excited to know you're in there. I can't wait to see you at the end of July! We're praying for you and loving you!

Oh 2.0 You're throwing me for a loop that's for sure! WOW. This pregnancy is hitting me a LOT harder then your sisters! MAN! Besides being tired now i'm feeling sick! YUCK!
BUT at least I'm pooping! That's right it's been glorious! Despite being regular i'm in Maternity pants... so bloated. There better not be a 3.0 in there too!

Dear little baby that sucking all of my energy like i used to suck the last little drop of wine from my glass. STOP! It's not seemly! OMG, I'm feeding you healthier food and i even worked out for you today! But i STILL had to take a nap! See here's the thing... with your sister i knew i could CRASH once i got home... i CAN'T with you because I now HAVE your sister who enjoys leaping off couches, digging in the fridge, pulling the dogs tails and trying to play in traffic. So I REALLY need you to grow without zapping every last strand of energy I have! Oh My Freaking Lord! I jokingly wondered if there were two of you in there taking turns on hoarding all of the energy and I realized there ARE two of you... Kinsley and 2.0.

On other fronts,  you know since you're all of 6 weeks and 4 days old, there are NO developments on babynames. NOT A ONE. I mean there's a few that i like and could tollerate on you for the rest of your life, but none that Daddy and I agree on and that scream BABY 2.0!! Do you think the hospital would frown at 2.0? hmmm


  1. its waaay harder with a toddler, but eventually you get the hang of it! I know I already said this but CONGRATS!!! YAY FOR BABIES!

  2. Your 2nd sounds exactly like my 2nd. Ella was a piece of cake. I want to sleep ALL. the.time. with this pregnancy and I am nauseous 24/7. It's starting to ease up a little now at 11 weeks. Hope that lasts!