Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Do you ever read things that are dripping of inspiration? Whether it's that kick in the rear to get you to lose weight, tackle a project you never dreamed you could do, or to just REALLY appreciate life? I read one of those, here. This Blog is full of beautiful writing, breath taking pictures, and a story that makes you want to grab life by the horns and thank if for all of the bucks and kicks along the way.

Reading through Kelle's emotions of finding out that her daughter has downs syndrome really gave my heart a stirring that I can't quite explain. I've read numerous stories of families who have joyously welcomed that extra chromosome into their lives whether by choice or not (adoption/a surprise from God). I've seen their amazing struggles and happy smiles that make you feel all warm like apple pie. But, I have never read such a raw and captivating story as the one shared there. Kelle really lets you into her heart and what was going on in her heart and then you're crying along with her as she is finally able to see what a blessing she has in her life and how she could finally celebrate with her friends and family that were surrounding her with toast and cheers and prayers.

Seeing Kelle's daughter Nella celebrated in that way, seeing how the plans were already in place before they knew and how things just got so much sweeter once they knew, it just brings tears to your eyes.

Read her story, savor her story, then live your story!

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