Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Epic Fail

So I often forget how many people read this that ACTUALLY KNOW me in person. Like we are BBQ, old college, facebook friends. I get going on here and just assume that if anyone is reading they are in a foreign country laughing at the silly American girl. I mean I know I have a few followers that live in the good ole USA but I keep forgetting that a few of them know me, like know my address.

Well, I've been getting tired of not talking about 2.0 on here because with Kinsley I was all PSA PSA **WAMMMP WAMMMP*** I'm Having a FREAKING BABY! And this one (because of fear of the unknown that we've seen friends deal with) I'm all, "No I don't feel like drinking, excuse me while my bloated belly throws up on your child, but don't worry it's not a disease, but I can't talk about it".

So we've slowly been telling people, some have guessed (apparently it's VERY unusual for me not to enjoy a cocktail), some were almost vomited on, others I just told because I knew I would want their support regardless. Then I started thinking about my blog. The hubs doesn't always understand my need to over share with the world, but I don't understand his need to sit for hours on end and watch cars go around a track (Left turn left turn left turn), so I just figure to each their own. Plus when I try to ramble most of these thoughts by his head after hes gotten home from a 13  hour work day I don't always get the feedback I'm craving. Not his fault, the man's tired. So I blog! I tell my story! I hope to connect to other people and make them feel a little less weird or help them to confirm that they are, indeed crazy, just like me~

As a result of my verbal diarrhea problem, Babylove 2.0 is now known to all. I didn't think (because lets face it, I don't always think first) to ask the hubs his thoughts on my sharing our news to the Internet, I just did what I always do... I shared. And apparently people who know the digits (Hey Martha, Becca, Paul) still read! Besides being freakin stoked that they take an interest in the life of this over sharing Southern girl, I didn't follow through with the thoughts of how their knowledge in our baby would affect Hubs.

Because of this he won't get to tell his friends himself. Many guys wouldn't care but I think I kinda stole his thunder and I really hate that.

So if any other friends read this (act surprised for his sake)!


  1. Haha oops. Are you both on facebook? Maybe let him make the big announcement there...there are bound to be SOME people that dont know!

  2. Oh my gosh I feel bad! The only reason I posted on your FB page was b/c blogger was acting all funny and wasn't letting me post on here. Sorry! But still happy for you all the same. ;)