Wednesday, July 20, 2011

decided I better make this into more then one post...

You know how when you're about to give birth they tell you that you will forget all about the pain once you see your baby, that way you'll want to have another. Well besides that being a load of crap (forgetting the pain, not want another, because I do... I better) I DID block out some memories apparently, but luckily for me I have this lovely blog where i can go back and relive all the horror. What horror do I speak of? Morning sickness! Except this time it's random all day sickness... yeah I think this baby has a sense of humor, if you want to call it that.
I wake up and get in the shower only to realize i have a HUGE (or at least it feels huge) wad of think spit and the top back of my troat and any attempt at getting it to dislodge itself from my gag reflex only makes me dry heave. Awesome. So my mornings are full of me dry heaving, burping, and cough, rinse and repeat.

Oh the hormones are ragging and they almost ragged all over your father!

The evening started out wonderful, he went and got me a burger from McDonalds after I almost projectile vomitted the healthy dinner I made. I was in burger heaven. Then it was bed time. Mommy decided to sleep on the memory foam mattress topper that Sasha bought for the twin bed... so it only covers my side of the bed. Well according to Daddy this screws up his pillow and makes him snore, so then I can't go to sleep. I don't understand how this screws up his pillow since HIS pillow shouldn't be on MY side, but we'll deal with that later. So after debating this issue I take the topper off and very "nicely" inform him that he better stop snoring now.

He informs me that HE can't get comfortable, there's no where for his legs to go, and he's hot. That's when I informed him that it's HIS idea to have the dogs in the bed, NOT MINE! I throw myself out of bed, demand Sadie (because Stella is already down, she's had enough of his drama) to get down into her bed, go downstairs and drop the thermastat and turn the fan up higher and then lay down.

Now he would like to sleep on MY side of the bed so he can put his scabbed knee outside of the covers easily so it won't catch on the sheets. ... !!! ... ksdfj#$knjdoidj~~~!!!! I stand up, pop a tylenol PM, grab my pillows, walk to HIS side of the bed, tell him to move the #JH)# over only to  have him tell me he's just going to stay put. ARE.YOU.FREAKIN.KIDDING.ME!?!?!?!? WHO IS THE PREGNANT ONE HERE!?!!?!

I inform him my temper is reaching dangerous levels and he better find a way to sleep QUITELY, VERY soon. I'm almost asleep and your sister begins to cry... why is it again that pregnant women can't drink??? It's just not fare!

oh 2.0 you are surely kicking my butt. This weekend I was able to get TONS of sleep... but i'm still tired. We went shopping at super walmart and the whole time we were there i thought i was going to up chuck on isle 5... just thinking about that store is making me want to vomit.
Daddy said I was mad all weekend but i wasn't, it's just really hard to smile through the constant feeling of nausa. BUT i have to say i'm lucky. Because even though I always FEEL like I want to share my cookies with the world I haven't AND i'm able to eat, although not everything.
What make us the happiest pair in the world?
Mac & Cheese!
Chick f la
taco salad
taco bell!
salad with ranch dressing (sometimes)
Mac & cheese (oh did i already say that? ;))
Here's to hoping this nausa and exaution end soon, but you keep baking happily!

This pregnancy is like WHOA different. I have morning sickness All Day, especially during the mornings and evenings. The boobs don't hurt as bad but WHOA don't touch the belly. You touch the belly it makes me want to puke on you.
Also very different? Food. With K I might not be able to choke down chicken but that was mostly it... this baby? Oh it depends on the day, hour, minute. Yesterday I was driving home early not feeling well and knew I could stop and eat whatever I wanted. Chick f la? Taco Bell? Burger? And even though all of my options had at one point in time seemed like heaven, only Burger King Whopper would do. Everything else made me feel sick. Last night? Making dinner for the Man and ALL I wanted was watermelon. The Man brought it home to me and I had that with Mac & Cheese while he had crab stuffed salmon, M&C and green beans. When i try to eat something that the baby has deemed not worthy, I'm repaid with hours of nausea. Awesome.
Lastly, sleeping position. When i was pregnant with K I ONLY wanted to be on my right side... I would switch when things went numb, but then back i went. This one? Left side, preferably with my head on Chris and my body in a just so perfect curl. This Chris snores and ruins everything... but still the left side is the best.
Wonder what else is going to pop up and surprise me with this one...

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