Thursday, July 7, 2011

well, might as well

Meant to publish this a few weeks ago but forgot so you get the joys of it now. You're welcome!

I told cowboy that i wasn't going to blog about this because it's too motifying, but 1. who am i kidding.... 2. I've mortified him enough on here, might as well abuse myself right?

So I was having some constipation issues this weekend, and well, still am! Oh I'm normally like old father time, my clock is ALWAYS on time and I never have a problem because well to quote the dear boyfriend i'm "full of shit"... really I am...

Right now, I REALLY AM. I went ALL.WEEKEND. with NO movement. I mean not even a passing of the gas that a real lady would NEVER admit to, but yea, we're talking about me.

So by Sunday I was in pain. No really I was in back up pain. It was like rush hour bumper to bumper in my intestines ALL WEEKEND LONG! And by Sunday evening it was starting to feel like there had been a few fender-benders.

So I told Cowboy that enough was enough, i was going to buy a laxitive. So I did... when i got home I realized it wasn't just any laxitive, it was a suppoitory! O.M.G! Yeah, i'm not going into ANY details... but while it sort of worked for the moment, it didn't last long and I was stopped up again... next plan of attack? Attack it from the top with the laxitive I meant to purchase!

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