Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Southern Gentlemen

There's just nothing like them, and sadly, there's very few left!
When I was in college I had a whole Fraternity of them calling me Ms Erin. Died.With.Happiness.

I LIVE for a man to hold the door, pull out my chair, offer me his seat, etc. I love it so much I married one that does all of this most of the time.

Some women laugh at the Southern Gentleman and the genteel way of life, but oh how i wish it would come back to the norm!

Want to be a southern gentleman? Follow this list from Miss Janice

Here's a few etiquette skills practiced by Southern gentlemen:

~A gentleman always addresses a lady with "Yes ma'am/no ma'am."...no exceptions to this rule!
~A gentleman respects his elders...always!
~A gentleman is modest and humble...a very enduring trait.
~A gentleman never refers to a lady as a woman...that would be "common."
~A gentleman behaves himself in public...'cuz he knows if he doesn't, people will think he wasn't raised right!...and people talk.
~Gentlemen respect their Mamas...if he doesn't, get rid of him real quick--'cuz he'll never respect you either!
~When going up an escalator, a gentleman stands behind the lady; when going down the escalator, he stands in front of the lady...to protect her should she fall.
~When entering an elevator in the company of a lady, a gentleman goes first to clear the way. When exiting, the person closest to the door goes first, regardless of gender, and holds the door open for others.
~A gentleman procedes a lady when walking down stairs...again, to protect her should she fall.
~A gentleman offers to carry packages for a lady...my husband has been my schlepper for many years!
~When in public, a gentleman defers to older persons, male or female...shows respect!
~A gentleman always serves a lady first, before serving himself...always!
~A gentleman does not spit in public...certainly NOT in the company of ladies.
~A gentleman always pulls out the chair for a lady...this is SO important!
~A gentleman is expected to open a door for a lady...it would be ever-so rude not to!
~A gentleman offers to carry a lady's lipstick in his pocket...very sweet thing to do.
~A gentleman offers his coat to a lady when she's cold...of course.
~When dealing with a lady who doesn't accept his courtesies gracefully, a gentleman considers her unpleasantness as a failing on her part, not his!...Amen!

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  1. LOVE this list. Although brad is a midwest boy through and through, he will do some of these things, some of the time. Ha, not the same, right? =)