Friday, July 8, 2011


We went to Charleston and had us a glorious time! It was truly wonderful! We rented a house with my parents, Cowboy's Mom and my brother. It was around 4 blocks to the beach and had a fishing dock and pool in the community. It was lovely!
Kinsley REALLY took to this vacation! One night we all went out on the fishing dock with Cowboy and Papa and Kinsley just had a grand ole time running around.
She didn't need her hat but became obsessed with hats and sunglasses this week!
Favorite place to be, between Sasha and Grandma! She's trying to rock them all by herself. 

I love this little diva shot with her hand on her hip.

Looking for fish!

My Dad (Papa) and Cowboy went fishing many nights we were there.

Papa is holding Chris's fish up for me to see! One night Chris caught a STING RAY! No kidding! I'll post a pic of that soon!

Hope y'all get a chance to make it to low country and the rivah!

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