Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I thought daycares knew how to take care of children...

At least better then me since they deal with TONS of kids... I mean they've seen it all right? APPARENTLY NOT!
Yep, apparently MY child is the ONLY child to ever start throwing toddler meltdowns at this daycare. At least that's what they are leading me to believe. Every.time. Chris or I pick up or drop off Kinsley they have something to tell us and 9 out of 10 times, it's not something cute.
"Oh boy those terrible twos are starting"
"Man she really doesn't like to be told No"
"Kinsley likes to tackle her friends"
"Kinsley gets mad when we won't let her wake up the babies"
"Kinsley insist on sitting IN the water table even though we tell her she can't"
"Kinsley was just fussy all day"
"Oh Kinsley was NOT happy at story time today"
"She was so mad when we wouldn't let her push the stroller alone"

I could go ON and ON. I mean does my child EVER smile there or listen to anything? I see pictures of her being happy, playing dress up, feeding her baby dolls. She never cries when I drop her off, she's always happy to go to "school".

I figured with them being the "professionals" and having taken care of who knows how many children a 19 month old pushing her limits and acting like a 19 month old wouldn't be headline news, but apparently it is. Most the time I laugh off their comments as being simply conversation with me because I know how little bit likes to push her limits (hello 2 timeouts within an hour last night)... but today it really bristled my Momma feathers! My daughter is a VERY sweet girl! She likes to give kisses and hugs (sometimes aggressively but she thinks she's just giving GOOD hugs). She knows how to clean up and how to sit in her seat and eat her food with utensils. She can say please and thank you and she LOVES to help throw trash away.

MAYBE the problem isn't Kinsley MAYBE it's THEM... or maybe I'm just being an over protective mother...


  1. I dont have experience with daycares, but I DO have experience with boundary pushing toddlers, and I can tell you...those are really problems in my eyes. That is how they LEARN! I would be frustrated with reports like that as well, they should know it is just a part of toddlerhood!

    Maybe you should say something? Even if it is something along the lines of 'I have noticed a lot of negative reports lately, is Kinsley's behavior out of the ordinary for a toddler?' I bet they will backpeddle all over themselves. Maybe they dont realize they are doing it

  2. Ahem, I already emailed you to clarify, but just for your other readers...I meant to say 'those are NOT really problems in my eyes'!