Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm all shook up... uh huh

Well i'm not (even though with this nausa i feel like it) but this blog is about to be.

I'm stepping back. I'm going to be closing all of the stories about my boobs, poops, and other TMI subjects. Yep, you will no longer get to read about all the things that make this body go round.

I started this blog as a way to keep family and friends up to date on what was going on with Kinsley as I was growing her. Shortly after that I noticed that many women were reading it to feel "normal" during their pregnancies and after that child rearing stages. I feel like this is a close group of international friends that relate and don't judge. I knew I would get some readers that were reading for their own entertainment, not to keep up to date or, for lack of a better word, knowledge. Those people have begun to hurt not only me but my family. Taking my words, turning them around, or using them in ways that hurt others.

SO after much thought and prayer, this blog will ONLY be updates on Kinsley, future ultrasounds of 2.0, and maybe a family vacation here or there.

It is hard for me to walk away and do this, but i know i must. BUT as a consolation prize I will be starting a NEW blog. This blog will be private and you will have to ask permission to be allowed to view it. IF you're a mother or just a woman that wants to know about the trials and tribulation of pregnancy and the stresses of raising a toddler I will give you access. Everyone else, I hope you understand when I cannot approve you.

Thank you all for these amazing memories and this wonderful journey we've been on. Thank you for "listening" to me, giving me advice and passing along hugs. I love you all!

If you want to request permission to read "It's In My Belly! For now..." leave a comment with your email address or go to the site and request permission!



  1. Hey Erin, I have been following since I was about 30 weeks preggo (my buttercup was born 12/24/09). I even got the most awesome nose sucker from a contest you had :) I would love to follow the new blog, I don't know you, but I really enjoy reading :)

  2. Hi Erin,
    I would love to follow your new blog! I am a long time stalker (non-commenter) and love reading your stories about K! She sounds so much like my little girl (born Nov 09)!