Monday, July 11, 2011

We did it... WHY? Because it ws hot out!

We took the muchkin to...
I know, we're lunatics and asking for it, but I had never been. And all of the places that I HAD been that were similar to this were REALLY fun, so I figured why not. Well I'll tell you why, because Chuck e Cheese SUCKS now!

It's true! The only sort of cool thing that could have possibly interested my daughter was this:

But she was too little to climb up into it and the one time I tried to help her was NOT pretty. The "Toddler" area was a joke, that is if you can maneuver around the 7 year olds that are climbing and swinging from the ceiling. And the oh so awesome ride ons? Yeahs scared the CRAP out of her.
But wait there's a show right? Lights Camera Action?!?! Nope, no show, and even if there was there was only on animated character to "do" anything. TOTAL let down. Not to mention the pizza and bread sticks were terrible! Oh well, lesson learned!

I'm sure once you kids understand video games and can climb rafters it's the place where fun happens.

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