Thursday, July 21, 2011

The bad of the good

Well this kid is FINALLY laying off the morning sickness! THANK.GOD. See though, THAT is a double edged sword. OBVIOUSLY I don't enjoy morning all day sickness BUT it is a reminder that 2.0 is growing big and strong in there. So when the sickness fades (and it did with Kinsley right around this time) all you want is an ultrasound to make sure things are still grooving in there.

So yea that's it, MOST of the time I no longer feel like I'm going to projectile vomit on anyone so you can all be my friends again without fear of ruining your outfits. YEA!

Next up, the exhaustion... not as bad. I mean who am I kidding, it's still large and in charge but I'm not longer a total walking zombie!

Again, while all of this is good, especially for my sad neglected house and husband, it's also scary but you want to make sure it's normal and not something terrible that you're going to have to deal with, which would suck because everyone knows now. But, I don't regret having everyone know because if, God forbid, something were to happen I would want to be able to talk about it and deal with it, rather than hide it.

So that's the bad of the good. I'll let you know how it keeps on keeping on~

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