Thursday, July 7, 2011

the tantrums are coming the tantrums are coming

Oh wait, nevermind, they're here.

So Kinsley has never been shy about the fact that she doesn't give two turds when I tell her no. We all know she likes to smile at me WHILE doing what I told her not to do. I've grown used to it, no matter how often I want to knock that smerky grin right off her face.

Kinsley has also found a deep love for the phrase "Oh NO" and therefore the word NO. It's wonderful, all of this communication.
Me: K, hold Mommy's hand when crossing the street.
K: NO!
Me: K, do you want some milk?
K: NO!
M: Please don't jump on the back of the couch, you'll get hurt, sit down.
K: NO!
M: Would you like to watch elmo in a bubble bath while I shower you with cheetos?
K: NO! (...then gives me the side eye because she realizes she just said No to her three favorite things, hee hee, sneaky Mommy! I have to get my kicks somehow!)

Yesterday we were practicing our listening skills... meaning I was practicing not loosing my ever shortening cool as my child repeatadly ignored my demands to stop dumping water on her friend. I didn't want to seem like that nazi Mom that is always freaking out at her daughter yelling NO (oh i guess that's where she gets it... whatever) and taking away all of her fun. BUT I also didn't want Kinsley to never be invited over for water play again because she doesn't understand that while splashing is fun, trying to shove your friends heads into the water is not.
So I told her, "Kinsley, if you dump water on your friend again we are going home"
She did it, without hesitation, while smiling at me.
So we went home.
She started screaming "NO! NO MOMMY!" and then ended with the most heart renching BYE BYEEEEEEEE like i was marching her to a certain death, rather then dinner, a bath, and Elmo.

Does your child throw any awesome tantrums? You know they do! Share!

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