Thursday, December 2, 2010

No really

What is up with hair regrowth after having a baby. So Kinsley is about to turn one and my hair is FINALLY growing back! I mean normally this would be a good thing, right? And it is because i would hate to not have this hair back by the time i have my next child or else Chris and I would have the same hair cut (very little hair)... but the way it's growing back in...

Lets just say it leaves something to be desired. All around my hair line is crazy short Alfafa'esqu hair that can NOT be tamed. It's CRAZY and has a mind of its own. No hairspay, gel, puddy, or cement can tame this hair. It sticks right back up and i end up looking like a Big Rascal. Lovely.

In other news, i've joined Weight Watchers again. I'm taking this week to get my "act" together and then next week i'm going to start tracking, etc. This "eat smaller portions" things just leads me to eating MORE smaller portions, like a bite of cake here a bite of pie there, and if you were to string them together then it would end up being a thanksgiving style dinner every day. Not very productive. So i need to track it. So i will. I'm starting it at 164lbs. I've taken my measurements and i'm all set to go. I'm signed up online, my order (books, etc) has arrived and i'm ready to do this, AND I have signed up for the lottery to do the 10 mile cherry blossom run.
So off I go, No haters about how this is my 230847238947 attempt this week to try to loose weight... eventually it'll stick right?!?!?

but right now i have other things on my mind... KINSLEY WILL BE ONE IN TWO DAYS! OMG!!! How did this happen!?!? not to mention i have a billion things to do before her party! AH~! so that's why my blogging has sucked and that's why it will continue to do so until i make it through....

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