Saturday, October 30, 2010

Birthday Extravaganza 5 weeks and counting!

I saw a sign similar to this on Etsy (can you tell how much i LOVE LOVE LOVE that site?) and thought that I could TOTALLY make it myself and then I thought that once I bought the supplies I would have what I needed to make Birthday signs for YEARS to come! Some people we like "You can use this sign EVERY Year" to which i explained that, yes i could but i won't. Kinsley will have a different Theme every year. So say she has a pink princess party... this will NOT match, so I will make her a new one. Because I love to craft, and I'm her Momma and it's what I do. Who knows, maybe i'll save all of the signs and turn pieces of them into art for her once's she's grown up....

Isn't it Fab?

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