Sunday, April 24, 2011

•Christ was tested in the desert by Satan. You will be tested in the grocery store by a preschooler. You will discover that you are not Christ

I thought this would be an interesting post on an Easter Sunday... that doesn't make me a  bad person does it? There aren't rules about what you're allowed to post about Jesus on Easter Sunday right? well since i make the rules here, we'll continue.

I saw this gem on this blog that was posting about this blog and totally had an AMEN moment.

We all have those moments, where we see other peoples kids having a meltdown and we think to ourselves "THAT will NEVER happen to ME because my child will know what the rules are", HA yea, keep thinking that lady!

See the thing is that toddlers doesn't care what the rules are and they cannot be reasoned with. I mean have you tried to reason with a person who's only joy in life is OGGIE and BUBBO and ELMO (yes she says that one QUITE clearly)? Have you tried reasoning with someone that likes to walk through echoing halls squawking like a bird as loud as she can because she thinks it's funny? Have you tried to reason with a child that when you tell them no they do it anyway, while running away AND smiling? Yea, They.Don't.Care!

So when meltdown occurs IN public what are we supposed to do? You'll see some parents give in (NEVER give in, then they will KNOW, not just think, that they have the power!), some will leave (cart full of milk in the middle of the grocery store while the fridge at home is and will stay empty), and others will continue on like nothing is wrong.

I like to hug Kinsley close and whisper in her ear that I will take every toy out of her room and leave her in there with a crust of bread and cup of water for the rest of her life if she doesn't stop and start behaving. OR I hug her close, tell her I'm sorry but she can NOT have that can of peas back that she has thrown on the floor 5 times already and shove a passy in her mouth and continue on like my child isn't screaming like a lunatic in the middle of Safeway.

That whole walk away like it isn't happening thing is great at home... in the middle of a grocery store where there's creepers out there ready to snatch my child, no thank you. I would rather piss her off more but strapping her into the cart and walking along like she isn't trying to break the glass on isle 2.

Yes the Devil tested Christ, and Christ being, well CHRIST did not give in to the temptation... we however are NOT Christ.

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  1. This made me laugh out loud. I'm gonna have to remember that line about removing all toys from the room and only leaving water and bread. Ha ha! I'm sure I will be using this threat on Joey daily.