Saturday, April 2, 2011


I made it to Kinsley's daycare on St. Patty's Day JUST in time and didn't even know I was making it "in time" for something! But Boy am I glad I did!

They were decorating cupcakes (this MIGHT be where I got the idea to let her "help" me with those other ones!)!!! It was so much fun to get to watch this! A very special moment to share with my girl!

Decorating our Cupcakes!

 Tasting them!
 Inhaling them!
 Smashing every piece into our mouths!
 This little man even got in on the action!
 Sugar! Tell me he didn't love it!
 Licking anything we can find!
 This is Kinsley's little friend, she was very happy about this activity...
 So was her boyfriend! He snagged the icing bag!
 Annie was reduced to licking her plate of sprinkles when the cupcakes were gone!
 Notice how Kinsley's friend Olivia put on some icing "makeup"? Well if you look in the back ground Kinsley is giving Olivia icing hair gel too! What are friends for??
Such a treat to get to watch! They had so much fun and were actually VERY well behaved the whole time!

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