Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So here's where I'M at...

My work (well 4 of us) is doing Biggest Loser! We started January 10th! We will end it on May 31. Right now it is April 5th...
Now I have lost some, gained it back lost some.... gained it back... but lately, like 3 weeks lately, i've been losing! I'm even 5lbs under my starting weight! YEA!

I'm pretty happy about that and can't wait to accomplish more!

Here's me now... you know since i got this big dramatic hair cut (i got bangs).
 Face is thinner. Waist curvier. Thighs less friendly with each other (although still closer friends than i think they should be!)!
We're getting there kids! Just 82 more days until VACATION!

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