Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 1: Meaning behind my Blog's Name

Well we've gone through a few Blog Names as I've "grown" my blog. It was "Get in My Belly" when I was writing about food only. It was "Making Some Breedloving" when I was making a baby. And now it's "Breedwoman Needs a Time out" so I’ll explain each name!

Get In My Belly: I wanted something that went with food and well I LOVE the Austin Powers movie with the Fat guy that is always telling Mini Me to "Get in My BELLY, I want to Eat you!" So I thought, very appropriate!

Making some Breedloving: My last name is Breedlove if you haven't figured that out yet and whenever we go to the Caribbean and go through their customs we get a smile and "BREEDLOVE, Good name!" Every.Time. So when we really were Breeding our love, i thought it was a win win.

Breedwoman Needs a Timeout: Well my husband calls me Woman. My Last name is Breedlove. My Child WAS Babylove (until we named her). My Northern Cowboy is Breedlove to his boys. I am Breedwoman.
I need a time out because I'm a Mom who is always tired and well often I miss behave (I'm a little feisty) so sometimes I need a time out ,with wine please!

And that's that. Any questions?

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