Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 17, 18, and 19: because I suck

I could have done these separately but... I'm not going to... i suck as a blogger lately and i apologize to y'all for that... i am making it my mission this week to vastly improve myself (in many ways)!

Day 17: What is in your purse?
Most men are terrified to even think about what could be lurking in the confines of a woman's private accessory, but I'll tell you!It's sitting on my lap right now!
1. Wallet: I just love my wallet! It's got all kinds of fun compartments and is so pretty, it looks like a clutch!

2. I have this bad boy in Garden Bloom with my Monogram on it. It holds my bobby pins, tums, Merle Norman lip soother plus and my Merle Norman lip pencil plus in sweet marmalade, lip gloss, blistex, and a mini of Pleasures perfume.
3. cough drops (halls)
4. blue tooth ear piece
5. cell phone (palm pixie... wish i had a phone with a larger screen)
6. pink writing pen
7. a receipt to target
8. A thirty-one luggage tag that holds my business cards.

Day 18: Photos from around your town
None of these photos are my own, because I'm too lazy to go out and take them

Fire department
Elem school
updated shopping center: oh when our Safeway got redone, it was BIG TIME! It was all everyone talked about!
Jimmie Cone! Very Famous (locally). Because this is the only place to go to get soft serve with jimmies (sprinkles). It's good, but i still don't get the obsession unless you grew up here, Maybe Kinsley will tell me one day!
And there's my town!

Day 19: Something I miss
I miss my family in NC daily. I miss my best friend that lives in Minnesota desperately. I miss my size 4 clothes. I miss naps. I miss college football games. I miss Mom's Credit Card (oh those were the good ole days, when Target was ALWAYS an emergency!).
But I'll tell ya, I would miss what i have MORE and would NEVER trade my amazing Northern Cowboy or my feisty K for the world. God knows what he's doing!

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