Sunday, April 3, 2011

Teen Crush?

Who was your celebrity teen crush? This was a question posed on a local radio station I listen to and it took me back.

I had many, depending on the year and the last movie I saw but here are so favs!

Remember the movie Newsies? I puffy hearted Spot... I enjoyed some Christian Bale too but Spot was my man!

Who can forget NKOTB??? And some Jordon Knight Action!

Oh yeah, i had his barbie doll! Though i DID have to cute off the rat tail, that was just weird.

I know he was a little old but Uncle Jessie made me swoon! I HATED Aunt Becky because she stole my chances with him!

Lastly into Middle School and part of High School I was convienced if I could just meet him then I would be his princess!

Oh well, maybe next marrige~

So who got your blood pumping and brought all your giggles out?

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  1. I was totally a Prince William fan myself, but as for movie stars I was in LOVE with Devon Sawa and JTT! =)