Friday, April 15, 2011

update on 101

Remember WAY back in the day when i wanted to start a 101 things in 1001 days? Yeah i don't either, exceot i found it and realized that i totally forgot about it! Here's my my old list all updated! Green means done, red means i did a lot but i'm not sure of the actual number.
1. Grow hair out so it’s down my back, at least to my bra line2. Treat myself to a day spa massage once a year. (2/3)3. Get a pedicure at least 4 times a year. (12/12)
4. Get my Happy Pill dosage right and keep it right
5. Take one bubble bath a week (100/143)6. Read 30 books that aren’t typical for me (3/30)
7. Sit and Watch the sun rise 15 times (0/15)
8. Treat myself to a "me day" once a month. (5/33)9. Have at least 5 lazy days a year (5/15)10. Learn the basics of a new language on CD (like in the car)
11. Enjoy a latte at least once a month (22/33)12. Have a movie marathon day where you see at least 5 movies

13. Do a couples devotion every Week for a year. (0/52)
14. Take family photos once a year. (1/3)15. Make and bake our first baby.16. Have a candlelit dinner once a month. (0/33)
17. Take a trip planned by Chris
18. Take a trip planned by Me.19. Go on a picnic.
20. Cut down tree for Christmas. (1/2)21. Do the 40 day Dare (4/40)
22. Bring Chris breakfast in bed 5 times.Pups
23. Walk pups at least 3 times every week (no longer happening i think)
24. Give dogs a bath every month (10/33)25. Give the dogs a special treat every week (40/143)

26. Use my reusable bags for EVERY grocery trip. (3/143)27. When said baby is born, use only cloth diapers. (chris vetoed!) we use them part of the time!28. Finish changing all lights in house to energy saversThe House
29. Sweep the floors once a week. (50/143)
30. Put Laundry away every week (15/143)
31. Change the sheets once a week. (50/143)
32. Scoop Poop in Backyard every other week (1/72)33. Plant flowers for every season.
34. Build Deck
35. Cut down tree in front yard
and plant new one
36. Paint Bedroom
37. Replace floors
38. Fix up front of house
39. Take a picture in a photo booth, twice. (0/2)
40. Document all tasks with a photo.
41. Finish Family Photo Wall42. Scrapbook twice a month. (2/66)
43. Update blogs so family/friends can keep in touch44. Send out a family update with each Christmas card (1/2)
45. Create a memory book for my family and Chris’s (2/2)Healthy Me
46. Lose 20 pounds to be a goal weight. (0/20)
47. Take a yoga class.
48. Run a 1/2 marathon.
49. Have veggies everyday (22/1001)
50. Follow Sonoma Diet for all of wave 1

51. Cook 30 new recipes. (7/30)
52. Try 10 new restaurants. (1/10)
53. Have a Crab Feast
54. Organize (into recipe book) all loose recipes.55. Make sushi.
56. Make 5 new vegetables (1/5)
57. Make Pizza from scratch once a month (0/33)
58. Go to the farmers market 10 times. (0/10)
59. Blog 101 recipes in food blog (7/101)60. Grow an herb Garden

61. Make a meal for a family at church62. Volunteer to serve food at a homeless shelter.
63. Send a card a month to someone unsuspecting. (0/33)
64. Compliment 10 strangers. (10/10)65. Host a party for Chris’s friends.

66. Make a quilt.
67. Finish and Frame Cross Stitch
68. Make baby blanket for said baby
69. Make Christmas stocking for said baby
70. Donate/sell/throw away 101 things (101/101)
71. Organize scrapbook table to finally stay organized.
72. Make closets/dresser functional and in one room
73. Organize linen closet (throw out stuff) monthly (1/33)
74. Get the basement in order

75. Do a devotional everyday for a year. (0/365)
76. Read the Bible entirely.
77. Graciously accept every comment I receive for 1 year. (0/365)
78. Let my feet sink in the sand once a year. (2/3)79. Pray over every dinner (24/1001)
80. Go to church 101 times. (40/101)
81. Make a list of 101 things I like about myself.
82. Make 5 new friends. (1/5)
83. Sing a meaningful song for a church service
84. Stand up for yourself when someone puts you down
85. Learn a new program86. Organize all photos.
87. Organize/delete, etc email once a month (1/33)
88. Go through and update work list 3 times a week (6/429)
89. File everything each Friday (2/33)
90. Create a to-do list for next week every Friday (1/33)

Just for Fun
91. go Skiing
92. Take a road trip to somewhere overnight
93. Host a Board Games Night
94. Go Fishing95. Play Golf or go to the driving range 3 times a year (0/9)
96. Go to the National Zoo
97. Go to 5 new museums. (1/5)
98. Go to 3 baseball games (2/3)
99. Buy a new car100. Build a sand castle on the beach (must be waist high)
101. Dance in the rain.

So that wasn't a great completion... was it? Oh well. There are completely different piorties in my life now and i'm making a new list. I'll finish it up and share it with you soon. What are some things that you really want to achieve?

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  1. Great list! I love the "make and bake a baby"! hahaha

    I made a 27 While 27 list - 27 things to do this year while I'm 27 :)